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Two Questions You Must Ask When Selecting Pet-Sitter Insurance


Accidents happen to even the most conscientious pet sitters, so pet-sitter insurance isdescribe the image must. But, you must make sure you have the right insurance--or you could find you and your business in serious trouble. 

If you are just starting pet sitting, you may think a general business liability insurance policy is all you need. With a general liability policy, you would technically have insurance, but did you know that all general liability policies EXCLUDE coverage for damage to personal property in your care, custody and control?

This means that ANY personal property, including a pet, that is physically in your care, custody and control, is excluded from coverage should the property be damaged or destroyed due to your negligence. 

As a professional pet sitter, what would you do if:

  • a client’s hardwood floors were damaged due to a water-related accident?
  • a pet in your care dislocated its hip?
  • a dog swallowed a ball at a dog park and required surgery?
  • a cat overdosed on medication?

Whether you are just starting your pet-sitting business, pet sitting full-time or part-time, obtaining pet-sitter insurance is a must.

Before purchasing a pet-sitter insurance policy, remember to ask:

1. Does this insurance policy cover the pets in my care with Care, Custody & Control (CCC) coverage?

2. Does the CCC coverage I've selected adequately cover the pets and property of the clients I service should an accident occur?

When selecting CCC coverage, give thought to the amount of coverage that will best protect your business. Keep in mind that pet medical claims alone average $3,500 and pet-sitter insurance payouts as high as $15,000 for veterinary care for injuries is not uncommon.

Do you want to learn more about obtaining pet-sitter insurance or how to determine if you have the right coverage?



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