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5 Tips to Get Your Pet-Sitting Business in the News


pet sitters in the news
When your pet-sitting business is featured in a local newspaper, magazine or on your local news, you receive excellent (and free!) promotion of your services and the opportunity to attract new clients. What's more, this coverage can help build a strong reputation for your business and establish you as a local pet-care expert.

So, just don't wait for reporters to come to you. Be proactive!

Check with your Chamber of Commerce to see if a prepared media list is available. If not, compile a list of your local media. Be sure to include newspapers, radio stations, television stations and local magazines.

Then, check out these 5 tips to help get your name in the news:

  1. Look for trends in the industry, facts and figures, and work to make these relevant to your local area. For example, if traditional vacations are being replaced by more frequent, shorter trips, find some data to back this up. Then, write a release from the point of view of a pet-care or pet-sitting professional, listing the benefits of in-home pet care.
  2. Provide backgrounders that give information and explanation on various topics pertaining to our industry. These are most often used to educate a reporter and to provide basic familiarity on a complex subject when there is no specific story being prepared. The background paper itself can lead the reporter to take a closer look at the subject and prepare a story about it. When this happens, you want the reporter to call you for comment.
  3. Provide articles reprinted in publications, which are useful to the reporter, who may want to see what’s been written about a subject recently. You can do reporters a great service by providing them background that would otherwise take considerable research time to assemble on their own.
  4. Provide fact sheets that outline the basics any reporter needs to know when preparing a story. This is the “who, what, when, where, why and/or how” that reporters use to structure their story. Provide fact sheets when you want to interest the reporter in creating a story or to encourage attendance at an event where the subject will be covered more fully and questions can be answered in more depth.
  5. Appear on talk shows on radio and television, which can significantly boost your name recognition and image in your local area. A successful first appearance on a talk show often results in the producer calling you later to come back on and discuss another topic appropriate to your business. Positioning yourself as a knowledgeable source is vital.

With a little creative thinking, the possibilities are endless. However, be certain that your release is timely and newsworthy.

PS members, remember to take advantage of the free downloadable press release templates available in the Members Area of

Have you had success with local media coverage? Share your stories below.

Are you thinking of becoming a professional pet sitter and need more marketing tips? Check out this free download from Pet Sitters International: "The Preferred Advertising Methods of Professional Pet Sitters."


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